You can also subscribe to the service by telephone or e-mail address: 

051 652 194 

Forget the queues!   In our country, bike service takes place quickly and efficiently. Professionally trained repairers will make sure that your bike works perfectly after service. Maybe your bike just needs a quick check, or a versatile service, we take care of everything. 

We service both conventional and electric bicycles.

Service of bicycles and electric bicycles


Authorized BOSCH drive train repairer

ELPEC eBikes is an authorized servicer of bosch drive assemblies. We are responsible for the service, diagnostics and ordering of individual spare parts, batteries and other components of Bosch. 

In addition, we perform diagnostics also for the drive sets of manufacturers:

  • Shimano
  • Yamaha
  • Brose


Authorized servicer of drive assemblies, bosch electric wheel engines.

Service Price List

The 2021 service price list includes service packages for conventional and electric bicycles and individual minor repairs. 


Service of bicycles and electric bicycles ELPEC