Given that a large part of the offer involves refurbished e-bikes, the renovation process is one of the most important factors of ensuring the overall quality level that the company strives for. The renovation process is carried out according to a structured process, as this type of servicing provides us with the highest level of quality control of the service. However, since each e-bike is special in its own way, a large part of the attention is also paid to the individual diagnosis of each e-bike. With a combination of structured service process and specific inspections, we can therefore ensure the maximum level of ELPEC e-bike quality over and over again. The individual reconstruction strands are as follows.

Cleaning the e-bike

Probably obvious, but still very important, every e-bike before starting work is thoroughly cleaned. With integrated cleaning of the e-bike, the first step can identify potential shortcomings that need to be eliminated. Also, thorough cleaning of the e-bike is also very useful for extending the life span ofcomponents , the operation of which is gradually deteriorating with a small amount of dirt. 

The cleaning process was divided into water and dry cleaning. Water treatment takes place with extreme care, as an excessive jet of water can damage the bearings in the frame. After completion of water treatment, dry the e-bike and start dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is primarily intended to remove dirt in more difficult places where dirt can accumulate for a long time. 


Drive train

The recovery process is continued with the drive train. To start, the repairer activates the screen, visually examines it, and verifies the performance of all functions. Here's a mileage check. It then checks the battery holder, its contacts, cable bundle, connection and distance of the magnet from the speed sensor and repairs or replaces the necessary components.

The process shall continue with the engine, which shall be inspected visually first by the repairer, checking the closing of the cover and tightening the sprocket's screw connector. The lower bracket and the driving assembly are also checking.

For the end of each e-bike, it also receives a software update to the current version. 


The repairer detects any visual defects on the handlebar pipe, the upper and lower tubes of the frame, the chain carrier and the fork. If necessary, rea tighten the swing arm to check the condition of the wheel(s) and in most cases replace it with a new one. 


The examination shall begin by analysing the attachment of the brake calipers, discs and levers. The repairer then checks the thickness of the brake pads and discs. In the case of wearand tear, it replaces both , but if it considers that the components are in the appropriate condition, it removes both discs and tiles from the wheel and cleans them accordingly. 

The check of the cables and brake conductors, which shall be ovation if necessary. It is also very important to check the pressure and the amount of brake fluid in the case of hydraulic brakes. The liquid is added if necessary. 


Gear assembly

First, the repairer visually inspects the gearbox, cables, and gearbox carrier. The gearbox is then adjusted accordingly to keep the gears smoothly. If necessary, the gearbox shall be replaced. The adjustment of the gearbox shall be followed by a check on the gearbox, which it aligns or replaces if it is cracked or excessively bent. The review continues with analysis of the cassette and the front sprocket. If any of these are over-worn, there's a change. It also checks the tension of the chain, which it replaces or thoroughly cleans and lubes. Finally, check the condition and operation of the shifting lever, which it adjusts or replaces accordingly. 

Control part

The repairer shall inspect any cracks or scratches on the handlebars and adjust its inclination accordingly. Of course, it is also necessary to focus on the steering support and cleaning of the steering bearing. After cleaning the latter, attach the appropriate support to the fork tube and the handlebars only. In most cases, the handle changes on the handlebars are followed, and if they are well preserved, the repairer cleans them to the dark. If the e-wheel is fitted with a bell, it shall also check its operation and attach it to the handlebars accordingly. 

Rings and coats

The repairer checks the position and insoubilityof the wheels, followed by checking the condition of the front and rear hubs. The check continues with the voltage of the spikes, the tension of which adjusts evenly and checks the orientation of the wheel. A visual examination of the rings and the identification of possible injuries will follow.

Then turn your attention to the coats. Coats are vital for safe driving, so the tire profile is a very important recovery factor. If necessary, the tires shall be replaced if necessary, and if this is not necessary, the work shall continue to adjust the appropriate pressure and check the condition of the valves. 


ELPEC service centering wheels



The examination begins with a visual analysis of the fork and shock absorber, in the case of full-shreetic wheels. This is followed by a general verification of the operation of the suspension and any identification of the lack of error. Then the repairer checkswith the bearing duck and the fork buffer. Checks the pressure in the fork and shock absorber and sets it to a standardized value. It also tests the operation of suspension functions such as lock-out, rebound, compression (LSC, HSC) and records any shortcomings. 

Seat and seat support

Examination of the seat hose and seat support and identification of possible damage. In case of wear and tear, the servicer shall replace the seat or its support. Otherwise, the seat support and the seat's seat is thoroughly cleaned and loose. Check the insertion depth and the buckle. 

In the event that the e-bike is equipped with a submersible seat support, special attention should be paid to this one. The repairer checks its operation and airiness first, and then the condition of the cables and the control lever.


Analysis of the attachment and attachment of the retro-reflectors. In the event that the e-bike is equipped with integrated lighting, the repairer shall inspect its operation and cable wiring and, if necessary, replace the relevant parts. 


The servicer wipes the entire e-bike with a fine cloth. He then looks for smaller scratches and covers them if possible. Check for any residues of the glue stickers and thoroughly remove it from the frame. Finally, the entire frame is applied to a protective coatingthat offers both protection to the e-bike as well as a long-existing sheen. 


Cleaning the ELPEC electric wheel

Final inspection and test drive

The repairer re-visually inspects the entire e-bike. Assess the condition of the battery, engine, brakes, gears and suspension and record the condition accordingly. 

Next up is the test drive. On the test run, the repairer tests all the functions of the engine (eMTB, Tour, Turbo, etc.) and focuses on the operation of the brakes and the gear assembly. In case of lighting, also check the operation of the lights. After the test run, the e-bike is ready for packaging and storage.


Each e-bike is stored in this suitable box to avoid possible damage and ensure that the e-bike is preserved for the maximum amount of time of sale.


Elpec electric bicycle packaging

Finished product

ElPEC e-bike quality.


ELPEC eBikes electric bike
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@Stane, e-bikes are purchased from the business lease of Austrian and German companies and hotels.

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how about with the restoration of boseve 300w battery.scott's e bike I have more than 3 years and is useless (no more fila)of course I bought a new .
Otherwise, you have a very good side.
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Where do you get it from - buy used bikes?

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