All cycling enthusiasts are already anxiously awaiting the start of the cycling season, but for a good ride we should not forget the pre-season review of the e-bike. Since e-bikes are different from normal, we need to pay even more attention to individual components. 


Drive train and software

Through the e-bike system scan process, our service department uses a diagnostic tool to check whether the engine, battery and display operate unintertionally and synchronously. They also check the status of the software - which,in case of obsolescence, needs to be updated.


Since e-bikes are not in regular use in winter, it is recommended to check the battery capacity. Our service department uses a special test tool to check the battery's performance after winter rest.


Due to the extra weight of the drive train, the e-bike often finds itself under great pressure during the suction. Before the season, the brakes require a full review. The thickness of the brake discs and tiles must be checked and replaced if necessary. In some cases, however, it is also necessary to ventilate the brakes.

Screws, bearings and axles

In the case of prolonged non-use, it is extremely important to checkthe attachment of individual screws , especially in the seat, steering and rudder. In case the e-bike is fully shreeaded, pre-season we also recommend a check on bearingwear , which can significantly extend the life of the bike by proper cleaning.


The chain often wears out quickly due to lack of lubrication. The wear and tear of the chain, as a result, means faster wear of the sprocket and cassette, which makes it difficult to shift. In order to avoid future wear and tear, our service department shall arrange this by measuring the chain tension and replacing it. 


Wear and pressure in the tires are crucial in the case of e-wheels, as they directly affect the battery range. The pressure must thus be adjusted to the recommended level, which differs between e-wheel models before use. In addition, the tires should be inspected in detail for any cracks or worn profilesand replaced in case of wear and tear .

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March 18, 2021 — ELPEC d.o.o.

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