The fact that E-bikes are becoming more popular is no secret. Young people, old, in the city and in the countryside, choose to switch from the traditional way of cycling, to cycling with the help of an electric motor. What was once considered a nish is now a trend - and it's a trend. So what makes the E-bike so attractive to users?


1. Environmentally friendly

Users of electric bicycles contribute to the preservation of the environment, especially when e-bikes are used on a daily basis. As much as half of the car journey is less than 5 kilometers long. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, car carbon dioxide emissions are up to 40x higher- than in the case of an electric-powered bicycle. By using electric bicycles for short distances, therefore, you do not only protect the environment, but at the same time travel quietly and economically. 

2. Become mobile while maintaining shape

Are e-bikes intended for those who want to ride on a ride? No way! Although the electric motor assists driving, it is still necessary to start the motor to move. It is here that e-bikes show their extensive uses, as each user can adjust the level of support offered by the electric motor in real time. Studies suggest that the routes are made by e-bikes significantly longer than those with normal ones. This means that it doesn't matter if you're looking for mountain adventures or just a trip after work, you can adjust the power of the electric motor assist to your liking and explore the unexisted with your e-bike. 

3. Forget the front wind

Almost all of us have found ourselves in a situation where we were fighting the front wind on our bike. At times like this, when we're flirting with a long ascent or facing a for miles with the wind, we want a little help. At this point, an e-bike enters, which will no longer ruin your Sunday trip on a steep slope or a windy day. At times like this, you simply zoom in on the power of the electric motor with a single click and you are already on your way to new challenges. 

4. Perfect for comms

Do you want to improve your form on the way to work? Then the e-bike is the best choice for you. According to a research medium "World of Capital", as many as 64% of Slovenians travel to work less than 20 kilometers. 44% of respondents, however, cite poor bus connections as a reason why they come to work by car. The e-bike rescues the latter and is on its way to work as the perfect winner.

5. Additional acceleration to athletes

Thanks to the adjustable level of drive train assimilance, the e-bike is perfect for training or recovery from injury. In addition, the drive line relieves the burden of the knees and thigh muscles, which in turn reduces the pressure on the joints, kite and ligaments. Full-sreeven e-bikes are also an excellent tool for those who are more inclined to descend. 

A trip with a full-shrewled malaguti bike.


6. Connect differently prepared cyclists

We've probably all found ourselves in a situation where we've gone on a cycling trip with someone who would like to stop a little less for a rest. With the e-bike, this will not happen again, as the electric motor, with the help of adjustable programs, equals the differences in fitness. So what's the result? A cycling trip that you'll all want to repeat.

7. They are fun to use

With E-bikes cycling becomes less strenuous and more fun. In this way, you will be able to observe the surroundings more closely during the journey, completely transuding cycling as you know it.

8. They are friendly wallets

E-bikes are significantly more economical compared to cars in terms of purchase and maintenance. The cost of fuel, insurance, and e-bike parking? Nothing! 100 kilometres travelled by car will cost you on average €12, while for the same distance with an e-bike you will only deduct €0.25 cents.

How E-bikes save money.


9. Integrated mobility

By E-bike to the city or to the train or bus station? Due to the flexibility of the very nature of the transport by bicycle, the path is fully flexible, and with the addition of electrical assistance, this becomes even faster and easier. Finding a parking space is a thing of the past with an E-bike.

10. E-bike for everyone

The market for electric bicycles is constantly changing and allows us to increase the choice of E-bikes for different purposes. Looking for a bike for city rides, weekend trips or high-altitude adventures? When it is necessary to make a final decision, you will find an E-bike with us for every purpose.


March 16, 2021 — ELPEC d.o.o.

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